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Covid-19 Safety and Precautions

The virus causing coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), emerged in December 2019 and has since spread around the world causing a global pandemic.  According to the WA Department of Health, 80% of cases are mild, but severe disease and deaths are more common in the elderly (older than 60 years) and those with underlying health conditions.

While living through a pandemic is new to all of us, some things are not:  we remain committed to your care and safety.  At Infinity Spa and Wellness, we've put in place additional protocols to make sure you feel comfortable and confident every time you walk through our doors.

Here are some of the steps we're taking to protect your health and ours when you're in our care.  Please read so you are prepared for your next appointment.

  • Increased interval of time between appointments to allow for cleaning and disinfecting as well as to limit patient-patient interaction.

  • Patients are asked to enter only at appointment time to limit number of people on-site.  Waiting room is temporarily closed.

  • Only patient (and parent/legal guardian) is allowed to enter during appointment.

  • As per Governor's mandate on June 26, 2020, masking of all staff and patients is required at all times while in the business.  Masks are provided for patients if needed.

  • Air purifier utilized in treatment space and room fans maintain a constant circulation of air.

  • Fresh linens are used at each individual patient treatment.  All surfaces on table, headrest, as well as, cupping and treatment devices are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized between patients using COVID-19 approved solutions.

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